Transition Greensboro Newsletter:   February 2014



What's been going on at Transition Greensboro?

Transition Greensboro (TG) has been in a resting place for the last year as active members moved on to other personal and professional projects. Without an active team in the Initial Working Group, it has been difficult to keep the initiative alive.

Edible Community Garden is going strong!

The one active piece of Transition Greensboro that has remained is our Edible Community Garden working group which continues to thrive at the Interactive Resource Center (IRC). We are soon coming up to our two-year mark and the garden is going strong with TG member Kathe Latham remaining as the coordinator. Read more details about our plans below.

Changes to our online communication tools

We've recently decided to begin to update the website and continue to use the Transition Greensboro Facebook page to communicate the activities of and information about the IRC-TG Edible Community Garden. We'll be updating the description of that page with a focus on the garden, but it will continue to be an open space for everyone to communicate issues of localization, sustainability, and community resilience, including plans for Green Drinks and other announcements of local efforts to build community resilience in the face of fossil fuel depletion, climate change and economic and social devolution.

Future communications and newsletters

We'll also begin to send out more regular newsletters with updates from the garden and any other upcoming plans within the community that people might find of interest. As we update our e-mailing lists, please use the unsubscribe link below if you would like to be taken off this e-mail list. We will keep communications at a minimum as there are several other sustainability listservs out there that many of you may already be on. Thom Illingworth will continue to work on this area of organization. 

Update from the IRC-TG Edible Community Garden

This semester, we have assembled a great team of IRC guests, students from UNCG, and community volunteers. We're also very fortunate to have an intern working with us from UNCG's Conflict and Peace Studies Program: Kate Dunnagan. Kate will be helping out with communications, especially our Facebook page and the IRC's blog. Also Quentin and Ayana from UNCG's Communication and Community class with Dr. Spoma Jovanovich will be working with Kate to improve our communication networking and hopefully do some press work as well.

We started off the "semester" working with the IRC's Artists and Art Coordinator to make mosaic tiles for the front of the IRC garden. We've also lined the memorial garden with mosaics made by IRC guests (see the picture of the work team who hung the tiles). Special thanks go to IRC guest David Stokes and community volunteer Charlie Fariss who mounted our finished pieces on the walls.
We're currently finishing up our mosaics to be hung on the very front wall near the doors, along with our signage project that communicates to people passing by that our garden is guided by permaculture principles to create a no-till, organic, edible garden space using ecological systems approaches for designing, planting, and maintaining the garden. We'll continue to work closely with Dr. Charlie Headington and his new permaculture group, the Greensboro Permaculture Guild.
Next up, Kate will be organizing planning sessions to develop that side space near the railroad track as our new Peace Garden. We'll be working together to inspire people's hopes and dreams for "what makes a peace garden?" Then, we'll be fundraising to help bring in some funds to make it happen. We're also hoping for a grant (or two) to be able to support our Spring planting.

Another regular volunteer, Shannon Creason, who recently graduated from NC A&T, started planting seedlings indoors that will support our Spring planting plans. In mid-March, we can start planting more in our new cold frames out front. We'll  work together as a team to talk about what we want to plant for the Spring, going over what worked and didn't work in past years, and what more we might want to add to our our mix. We'll also be talking more about how integral "engaged design and relationships" are to our future plans and how that integration works with the diverse cultures that make up our garden family.

Garden work days will continue to be Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00. Soon, we'll be announcing our big Spring planting days so people can plan to join us then. We're looking forward to an abundant and fruitful Spring.

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